June 1997 | Susan Carmen by Craig McDean


June 1997 | Susan Carmen by Craig McDean


summa summa 


I want a wank so bad but I’m so tired

I think a movie every night will be better than porn every night.

I just tried on this coochie cutters that really stimulate my clit and I don’t wanna take them off.

My best friend pisses me off so much UGH. I don’t I can call him my ‘best friend’ anymore I dunno I feel just hella betrayed by him.
He’s just so incredibly self-interested and doesn’t know what the fuck loyalty is. I was looking for a ride or die friend but he would throw you in a ditch for his advancement instead.
If you’re invited to a party or something with lots of people you & your best friend whom you’re always around know but your best friend wasn’t invited, would you be like, “Why wasn’t my friend invited too?”
Smh I’m so pressed.

I really miss being able to talk to guys without there being some sexual underlining.